Transformation in Corporate SA under scrutiny

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The face of Corporate South Africa has changed from what it used to be.

In the past, corporate culture was structured on the basis of race and all the jobs with perks were reserved for white people.

Today, government’s Employment Equity and Skills Development Acts seek to redress these discriminatory past injustices.

However, companies are dragging their feet in complying with the legislation.

While there are reasonable improvements in lower management structures, the middle to upper occupational levels still under-represent the Black majority.

White South Africans, particularly males, are still over-represented in top management.

Whites occupy 65.5% of top management positions, Blacks 15.1%, Indians 9.7% and the Coloured people 5.3%.

There are also claims that the stereotype of Black people being less capable still persists.

Black people are largely still receiving less favourable treatment than white counterparts who are viewed as the epitome of professionalism and excellence.

Our producer Lindiwe Mabena spoke to a labour rights activist who has first-hand experience of what she terms, structural racism.

Watch report below:

We also asked the views of JSE Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs Zanele Morrison and other South Africans on whether Corporate SA has transformed.

Anti-apartheid activist and psychologist Professor Saths Cooper believes more needs to be done to ensure truly diverse and inclusive work spaces.

Professor Cooper is urging South Africans to work together and build a better country for all.