Traffic volumes increase in KwaZulu-Natal

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Drunken driving and speeding continue to be the main cause for road fatalities.  At least 600 people have lost their lives on the country’s roads since the beginning of the festive season, many of them perished on KwaZulu-Natal roads.

One hundred and seventy three lives have already been lost on KwaZulu-Natal roads. This is as traffic volumes heading to Durban continue to swell.

The provinces’ coastal towns are bracing themselves for holidaymakers. Close to 2 000 vehicles pass through the Mariannhill Toll Plaza hourly.

There are mixed views about motorists’ behaviour on the road. “It’s a good thing. It controls the traffic. We see quite a number of people coming to Natal. It’s a good thing,” says one of the motorists. Another motorist says; “Most people are fine but you get a few idiots who just think they are on the road alone and want to go and push you. That’s the most irritating thing”

One of first major integrated law-enforcement operations was held in Mariannhill Toll Plaza. Four people were arrested for various crimes including possessions of firearms and unroadworthy vehicles.

So far, the province has recorded a 7% decrease of road fatalities. “Even when we talk but some people continue. This thing of taking things for granted is a problem because people think that they can drink and drive. We are here and we are going to be all over. Nobody is going to drink and drive,” says KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala.

The festive season law enforcement operations continue throughout the country.