Traffic on major roads across the country remains heavy as people head to their Christmas destinations. Authorities have again urged drivers to take regular rests, maintain following distances and not to speed.

In the Eastern Cape, the N2 garden route is the busiest. So far, 80 people have died in road accidents since the beginning of December.

Provincial transport spokesperson, Unathi Binqose says they’re working around the clock to ensure that roads are safe.

“The volume of traffic has increased significantly particularly on those routes linking us to other provinces, your R61 from the Western Cape as well as the N2 via the Garden Route, you can see a number of taxis there faring people home. Our law enforcement officials are on the ground ensuring that everything is running smoothly. We are also pleased to announce that there hasn’t been any major accidents that have happened this weekend and that’s largely thanks to our drivers and our visibility on the roads,” says Binqose.

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