The Khoi and San convention in Komani, Eastern Cape under the theme: First Nation – One Nation, aims to strengthen traditional unity and foster social cohesion at a traditional level.

The tribal groups converged to discuss a variety of issues; including the upcoming census, land claims as well as being incorporated into Contralesa, with the belief being that a united traditional front will bring about positive change to the Khoi and San community.

Khoi and San activist Christian Martin says, “Too long, our country especially the traditional indigenous people have been divided to keep us apart from each other. There was this thing that was imprinted on the mind of the indigenous Khoi and San that they are better than Nguni people, there is no such, the Khoi and the San people say there is no better than, we are equal.”

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AmaNdlambe Chief, Mthuthuzeli Makinana, says Contralesa is more than ready to welcome the Khoi and San people.

Makinana says, “It actually assists us to unite people of South Africa, because we cannot work in silos, we want one structure that will represent the interests of traditional leaders in South Africa because we are one, the purpose is one, the goal is one, we really appreciate the steps that they have taken.”

Some saw the convention as a great initiative whilst others remained skeptical, one of the attendees Paramount Chief William Daniel Human says, “We are not happy at all with this convention taking place here because it is run by activists and not cultural leaders and our things are cultural.”

An action plan will be developed post-convention to map out the Khoi and San representation.