A Limpopo traditional healer has appealed for calm as the country is grappling with the spread of the coronavirus. This as President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to lead a National Day of Prayer on Sunday asking for divine intervention in the COVID-19 pandemic.

 President Cyril Ramaphosa leads the call for a National Day of Prayer.

Mashudu Dima says culturally, pandemics happen after some decades and usually spread during winter and go away in September.

Dima from Vuwani, outside Thohohoyandou, says according to culture, people are prohibited from going out during pandemics. He says staying indoors allows the process of natural healing to take place.

He says pandemics peak in winter and usually end in spring.

“Let us not get panic. September month is spring time. It’s a time now that we can say now, yes, that diseased has crossed over according to our culture. We don’t want somebody who is having flue or TB to go outside to spread the disease. What we do is we should have to be inside the house.”

Dima has appealed to government not to sideline traditional healers in search for remedy for the virus. He says traditional healers know herbs and indigenous trees which can help to boost the immune system and fight the virus.

“The government should not separate us as doctors. We are the best doctors … indigenous doctors who know any disease. Those things we have been given by the Almighty God that we have to use it now. Because your body is not that strong. You eat GMO – genetically modified food – which makes that white cells immunity cannot get power to fight with the diseases.”

In the video below, the use of natural herbs in the fight against COVID-19 in rural areas increases:

Dima says air pollution in big cities is contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

“I plead that ‘please, let us as Africans … let us not ignore traditional healers because they know according to our culture that what do we do.’ When you look at the Highveld like Cape Town, Jo’burg, Eastern Cape and Durban; those areas you can see that they are overpopulated. There are no trees; a person should have to breathe at least 13 indigenous trees every day. Once you get to an air-conditioned area, the air conditioner … they make it worse because you get hot inside the air-conditioned area, you get outside your nose becomes dry and you start to get a cough.”

Dima emphasised that as people observe the National Day of Prayer, they should stay indoors to prevent the spread of the virus.