Tourists commit to Cape Town water restrictions

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The festive season is in full swing and tourists have made their way to Cape Town. However, the Western Cape is still facing a devastating drought.

Authorities have been calling on locals to save water and are requesting tourists to do the same.

Dam levels in the province remain at a 33% low.

Visitors have also been cautioned to be stringent with water usage as a result of the ongoing drought and many say they are fully aware of the water crisis and are more than willing to do their bit.

“Even just going up to the top there was no water, no running water for washing hands. We were just recommended to use hand sanitizer so that’s what we have been doing and we’re Australians so we are used to periods of drought and water restrictions and things like that so you know whatever we can do help the ecology of an area,” says a tourist.

Others add that they always inquire about the water situation wherever they travel.

“I know that I travelled through Durban then Port Elizabeth where the situation is fine, then I have been in Knysna where there are also water restrictions and each time I enter a new house I just asked which rules they have and how much water can I use to shower and do they have water plants or not and just follow the rules,” says a tourist.

City spokesperson for Water and Sanitation, Farouk Robertson, has called on tourists to enjoy themselves but to do as the locals and help save water

Water restrictions have now been moved to Level Six from January 1, 2018 limiting households to only 10 500 litres per month.

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