The tourism industry in the country has grown, meaning that there is a need for more people to be employed in the hospitality industry. As a plan to tackle the shortage of chefs in the country, Tourism Department has introduced a chef training programme for the youth.

The aim is to equip them with necessary skills, while closing the gap between supply of and demand for qualified chefs.

Tourism Deputy Minister, Fish Mahlalela, officiated at the graduation of 58 chefs who were part of the three-year programme.

“We have thus far trained more than 2 000 chefs of which today 58 people will be graduating. The good thing about the programme is that the majority of our chefs have been absorbed by private sectors. 72% are working, so that is the impact it has had. It has managed to create job opportunities for young people. We are nearing toward the end of the programme now. We have managed to close this gap that has been identified.”