Tough times as fuel price goes up

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South African motorists have expressed mixed feelings after the price of fuel rose again on Wednesday.

Prices at the pumps have increased five times since the beginning of the year.

The price of petrol and diesel has increased by around 26 cents a litre, paraffin by 22 cents a litre and LP-Gas by 37 cents a kilogramm.

Times are tough for most South Africans, but not everyone is willing to change their lifestyle. Not even the increases in fuel prices can deter South Africans from driving their cars.

“I bought the car and I want to use it every day to come to work so why should I use a public transport; it’s costing me but this is my car… I have to use it.”

Fuel retailers say they have seen more motorists spending smaller amounts to refill their tanks. But they say, the volume of fuel sold hasn’t changed.

Some say they will have to bite the bullet and hope that government will eventually do something.

The hike is expected to hit small business hard as not all are able to pass on the increases to their customers. Taxi drivers say the increase will make difficult to keep up with the high maintenance of their vehicles.