The world is paying tribute to renowned traditional healer, Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa who died Wednesday, aged 98.

Along with talents in art, culture, history and African spirituality, one of the things Mutwa will be remembered for is his powerful use of words.

He was a master at prose, both in conversation and literally works.

SABC News has documented much of Mutwa’s journey over the years. These are some of his important quotes from our archived interviews:

  1. Ask Jesus Christ hanging on the cross, why did they crucify you? Human beings are like that. They kill those that save them.
  2. A country that speaks against its heritage, is a dead country.
  3. A man like me is never loved. A man like me is never respected.
  4. I’m talking old, historical truth. History should not be thrown away like an old pumpkin. History should not be scoffed at. History should be not mocked, especially the history of Africa.
  5. Don’t get angry over shadows. Let the pains of the past go by, because if you do, your soul becomes corrupted, your soul becomes warped.


Among Mutwa’s renowned literary works are titles Indaba: My Children, Zulu Shaman: Dreams, Prophecies, and Mysteries and a children’s book Isilwane: The animal – tales and fables of Africa.