Tony Yengeni now eligible to stand for ANC NEC position: Electoral committee

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The electoral committee of the African National Congress (ANC) has confirmed that Tony Yengeni is eligible to stand for a National Executive Committee (NEC) position.

The former ANC Chief Whip won an appeal against the ANC Electoral Committee’s decision to disqualify him from standing as an NEC nominee.

The committee had based its decision on a four-year prison sentence that Yengeni had received in 2003 in a case linked to the multi-billion rand arms deal.

VIDEO: Tony Yengeni says he was wrongfully disqualified for running for the ANC NEC position:

In his appeal, Yengeni pointed out that in 2013, the Justice Department had expunged his conviction and that the ANC had only passed the rule that the Committee relied on on 2017.

He argued that applying it retrospectively violated his rights.