Tongaat farm owner urges public not to panic about escaped crocodiles

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Peter Watson who owns the Crocodile Creek Farm in Tongaat, north Durban, has urged people not to panic about crocodiles that have reportedly escaped the enclosure following the floods in the province.

Three crocodiles are reportedly still on the loose.

Watson says that they have recaptured some of their crocodiles, while others returned to the enclosure on their own.

“The other day we caught seven, and another seven, and today (Thursday) we caught one. Three of them decided it was better to come home, and were standing at the gate, waiting for us to open it. There are naturally crocodiles in the Tongaat River in the upper reaches, but everybody panics near Balitto because there’s a croc in the river.”

KZN Floods | Crocodiles swept away from Crocodile Creek: Peter Watson