Toll fees set to increase as from March

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Toll fees across South Africa will increase again on March 1, adding yet more financial pain to already embattled consumers.

Increases will coincide with a likely increase to fuel prices in March, which given the current data, look set to be significant. These increases will apply country-wide to all tolled roads.

Layton Beard, Spokesperson for the Auto Mobile Association, says the toll fee increase is in line with inflation but salaries are not.

“When you look at the cumulative effect of all these increases to the levies, the addition of the carbon tax, we’ve got fuel and the toll fees coming up, it really is a lot for the consumers to carry on their shoulders. We are absolutely concerned about it as we have been for many years,” says Beard.

Beard says even consumers who don’t directly own vehicles will be affected in supermarket prices, where the food gets delivered.

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