These groups are the most vulnerable to suffer effects of heat wave

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The elderly, toddlers, pregnant women and people with disabilities are among the most vulnerable to death as a result of exposure to extreme heat.

That is a finding of the South African Medical Research Council.

They have concluded that in cases of extreme heat, as experienced in South Africa since the start of the month, these groups of people are most susceptible because they depend on others to help them manage the heat.

Chief Specialist Scientist at the Council’s Environment and Health Research Unit, Dr Caradee Wright says, “Extreme heat has consequences for our health and well being. It doesn’t just make us agitated and irritated, but it also can lead to headaches, heat cramps, dehydration and other more serious health affects.”

“The first group that comes to mind is infants or small children who rely on others to care for them and make sure they are drinking enough water, not spending too much time outside, running around when it is very hot, over-exerting themselves. Then other groups would be pregnant women, elderly women and people on certain medication,” adds Dr Wright.

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On Wednesday, government urged people to take extra caution as the heatwave persists in certain parts of the country.

This came after the death of eight people from heat stroke in Kakamas, in the Northern Cape.

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