Today, you have made history – Malema to National Shutdown protestors

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EFF Leader, Julius Malema, has accused President Cyril Ramaphosa and the government of running down state institutions and says Ramaphosa must resign as a result. The EFF held nationwide protests calling for the president to resign and for an end to rolling blackouts.

The demonstrations saw some businesses close for the day and some barricading their doors.

A sea of red moved across different parts of the country, their calls for the end of rolling blackouts and President Ramaphosa’s resignation reverberating in every corner.

Malema has lauded the bravery of protestors who heeded the call for a national shutdown from the party. He says they did not cower in the face of heavy police presence.

The EFF leader has previously decried the president’s deployment of over 3 400  SANDF soldiers ahead of the shutdown.

Malema says this was done to intimidate protestors.

Malema took the fight to the citadel of power in the nation’s capital.

“Today, you have made history. With all those who supported the national shutdown, we thank you for being fearless; we thank you for being brave. When they put more than 3 000 soldiers, the aim was to intimidate you, the aim was to say you must run away, you went where the soldiers were. You did not show the soldiers your back,” says Malema.

National Shutdown | Malema addresses supporters gathered at Church Square, Pretoria:

The party also took their grievances to the heart of the country’s energy sector, Megawatt Park.

Malema’s second in command, Floyd Shivambu reiterated calls for Ramaphosa’s descent from the helm of the country.

“Our demand is very clear, we want Ramaphosa to step down and resign as the head of state. There are high levels corruption, joblessness, poverty, water shedding, food security is being threatened, high levels of crime. We can’t wait for 2024 to remove Ramaphosa. He must step down as soon as yesterday,” says Shivambu.

Malema has lamented critics who have labelled their call for the resignation as unconstitutional.

The EFF’s protest was met with speculation that it would be violent. However, it emphasised the call for peaceful protests.

EFF Secretary-General, Mashall Dlamini led demonstrations in KwaZulu-Natal.

National Shutdown | Malema alleges acts of sabotage by government as buses were stopped: