The proposed Tobacco Control Bill could transform public health if passed by Parliament but it could also impact on jobs in the tobacco industry.

The Bill is currently open for public comment and will then be debated in parliament. If the bill becomes law, people would not be allowed to smoke in public or at home where there are children around.

E-cigarettes are included and would be taxed. The National Health Department wants smoking to be regulated to reduce the health risks associated with smoking.

Executive Director for the National Council Against Smoking Savera Kalideen says, “We have to introduce plain packaging. We must make sure we have 100% smoke free indoor areas and introduce some smoke free outdoor areas. We must remove all forms of advertising which we had not done.”

“There was a need for our legislation to be updated on what we had previously. And one of the completely new areas in the draft bill is the regulation of e-cigarette. Plain packaging of cigarettes which basically means all advertising of cigarettes that are on packages at the moment will be completely removed.”

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