African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee (NEC) member and former Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni says the party’s NEC and the top six must do much better. He also touched on the structural reforms needed by the African Union, including remodeling the appointment of the Commission Chairperson.

Meetings of the ANC’s NEC are arguably the only executive meetings of any political party which grab the country. Mboweni says, at times many issues end up in a deadlock. This while the liberation movement is infiltrated by corrupt cadres and state entities are guilty of poor governance.

Mboweni, who is also part of the AU reform team, says the organisation faces structural inadequacies. The reform team proposed that among other things, member states pay 0.2% of its imports to the AU for its own financial sustainability.

But quite controversially, the team advised the AU to scrap the process of electing the Commission Chairperson and instead have panel interviews.

The AU mid-year summit kicks off at the end of the month in Ethiopia.

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– By Aldrin Sampear