Timol’s family welcomes issuing of arrest warrant for Rodrigues

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The family of murdered anti-Apartheid activist, Ahmed Timol has welcomed the issuing of a warrant of arrest for Apartheid regime security policeman, Joao Rodrigues.

The National Prosecuting Authority  has confirmed that an 80 year-old man is expected to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday. Rodrigues is believed to be close to 80.

Timol was arrested at a police roadblock on the 22 October 1971. He died five days later in detention at the then John Vorster Square police station after a brutal interrogation.

Timol’s nephew, Imtiaz Cajee says the decision to charge Rodrigues is a significant breakthrough for the Timol family.

“It is just a significant breakthrough for myself and the Timol family. It is a breakthrough for victims of families throughout the length and breadth of this country, and many of them, we should never forget were not even given an opportunity to express themselves at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. One only needs to visit and engage with the Khulumani Support Group to have a true understanding of the suffering that the victims of families continue to suffer in a democratic South Africa.”

The family wants other Apartheid regime policemen charged along with Joao Rodrigues. “I’ve been pursuing the matter of Neville Els and the feedback that I’ve been given by the NPA is that the investigations are continuing, and again it’s an urgent plea for them to fast track these investigations because 9 months later they have still not appeared in a court of law, and as every day passes on, there’s a great chance of them passing this world – and without us getting closure.”  – Tshimo Maputla