Produced by Health-e NewsOctober 4, 2012
This week’s Special Assignment brings you the story of 22-year old Meggan Adams from Kalksteenfontein, who lives on the streets of Cape Town. She already has a five-year old child. We meet her when she is six months pregnant. For three months we keep track of her life. She continues to smoke the drug through her pregnancy despite being aware of its dangers to her unborn child.
We also bring you the story of 20-year old “Alicia” from Bishop Lavis who is pregnant with her third child.She is in denial about her addiction but smokes up to five packets a day even while she is 8 and a half months pregnant.

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Paediatric Neurologist at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Dr. Kirsty Donald, led a team that studied the effects of crystal meth on children at the Children’s Hospital. She says the research results indicatethat children who are exposed to methamphetamine show more behavioural and developmental problems when compared to a control group of children who come from the same communities.
In this programme, we also visit a school in Eastridge Mitchells Plain where teachers report that they struggle to teach Grade two learners, a group of children said to fall within the so-called “tik generation” which is now hitting the school system.
Is there still time to reverse the effects of this problem or is it too late?

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