Thunderstorm leaves a trail of destruction in Nkomazi, Mpumalanga

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A heavy thunderstorm has left a trail of destruction at Nkomazi in Mpumalanga. About 79 houses were damaged by the storm.

It is the second storm to hit the area in two weeks. Roofs have been blown away, windows broken and homes flooded.

Nompumelelo Chauke’s newly-built home was not spared. She and her husband were also injured in the mayhem.

“There was heavy rain and everything was flooded in the house. My husband and I were injured. We have a problem now because there is a lockdown and stores are closed. We don’t know where to go and buy something to fix the house. Everything in the house is not working now.”

The area is prone to thunderstorms.

Jane Mathonsi’s house has borne the brunt for the second time in just two weeks.

“It destroyed my roof, wardrobe, TV and my food was flooded with water. I have nothing and I’m unemployed.”

Some have started rebuilding their houses, but they fear the structure could collapse.

“It’s not safe because we tied the roof with robes. If rain comes with wind, it can easily be blown away,” says Nqobile Nkosi.

The Nkomazi Municipality has promised assistance.

Cyril Riphinga of the Nkomazi Local Municipality, “About 79 houses are affected and we have 16 houses that need urgent attention … are roofless as we speak. We have escalated the issue to the provincial government to intervene and in the interim, we have supplied them with food parcels and we have roped in the Department of Home Affairs and Social Development. “

Power has been restored, but many houses remain without roofs, which is even more worrying as rain is predicted in the area.