Three-thirds of workers who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic were women: Gender expert

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Three-thirds of the estimated 3 million workers who lost their jobs following the total shut down of the economy to limit the spread COVID- 19 pandemic last year were women.

A leading global gender expert made the startling revelation at a webinar hosted by trade union NUMSA’s Gender Unit as part of Women’s Month earlier on Friday.

In the United State of America, the Gender Pay Gap is at 16%. It’s also at 16% in the United Kingdom, 14% in Australia. The world average is 20%, including South Africa.

Dr Jane Pillinger, a global expert on gender inequality, says the Gender Wage Gap is a form of gender-based violence.

The Gender Pay Gap measures the difference between what men are paid in various industries and the workforce in general compared to women.

It doesn’t take into account instances where men are paid more for doing the same job as a woman at a workplace.

Video: Mostly women lost their jobs due to Covid-19 total shutdown

The latest official figures show that currently in South Africa, on average women earn 30% less than men for doing the same job.

It’s estimated that currently, women make up almost half of the workforce in the country.

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