UPDATE: Four dead in KwaMashu Hostel shooting

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Police now say that four people have been shot and killed at the KwaMashu men’s Hostel in Durban, from the three that was earlier reported.

Five others were wounded, one critically.

A group of 20 armed men are believed to have been involved in the shootings.

KwaZulu Natal police spokesperson, Robert Netshiunda says, “There’s not been any arrest as yet- but we’re following several leads, because we’re told that it’s about 20 suspects that we’re looking into and although the motive has not been concluded upon. The ongoing hit-men squabbles could not be ruled out. However, our leads will indicate which way to go and we’re hopeful that we crack this case and find the motive of these killings. Suspects are heavily armed, so, we’re also having a team that is equal to the task.”

Police media briefing on the incident: