The three men accused of involvement in violence in Phoenix, north of Durban during the July unrest will be back in the Verulam Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday next week. Brothers Dylan and Ned Govender as well as Jeetendra Jaikissoon were in court on Friday. They have been charged with murder and attempted murder after they allegedly attacked five unarmed men as they were walking down a suburban road.

The defence forensic expert Jacobus Steyle has disputed that one of the accused shot at the victim. Steyle gave his analysis while the video that was captured during the incident was being played in court.

The video shows the events leading up to the death of Mondli Majola who is one of the over 30 people who were killed in Phoenix at the time of the unrest that erupted in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.  However, the defence attorneys did not dispute that the accused men are seen in the video holding weapons during the incident.

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