Gauteng Premier David Makhura wants those implicated in the alleged Personal Personal Equipment (PPE) corruption to be sent to jail and the stolen monies recovered. He has been responding to questions from members of the Gauteng Legislature during a virtual sitting of the House.

Two Gauteng Health Department officials believed to be at the centre of the alleged PPE corruption scandal have been identified by the Special Investigations Unit.

One official resigned and another one has been suspended. It is alleged that the pair were behind the irregular awarding of PPE contracts.

Makhura says Gauteng has not had the scale of corruption as the one involving PPE. “ This does not seem like something that just happened, it seems like it was a proper plan designed to ensure that rules are not followed and as quickly as possible people make a quick buck. We want the money recovered. These people must go to jail. The money must be recovered.”

Recently the provincial government published a list of companies that have been contracted to provide goods and services since April 2020. The list will be released on a monthly basis.

Transformation Modernisation and Re-industrialisation

Makhura also responded to a question about the provinces’ Transformation Modernisation and Re-industrialisation (TMR) roadmap saying, “We invested R80 billion in infrastructure development in all the five corridors of Gauteng over the past five years of the TMR since 2015, which created 90 000 jobs.”

He adds that the province has attracted R200 billion in Foreign Direct Investment through the TMR.

“We attracted R200 billion in Foreign Direct Investment in Gauteng through the TMR in the 5-year period, which focused on all the five regions of the province unlocking investment and created up to 700 000 jobs in the same period.”