Those accused of racially attacking two teens at Maselspoort Resort still residing at the resort

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The Maselspoort Resort outside Bloemfontein in the Free State says those who were accused of attacks on two teens at the resort’s swimming pool in an alleged racist incident are still residing at the resort following the incident.

The resort’s Nick Mitchell says they’re a racially free resort that does not allow any segregation or racism.

The incident has sparked reaction from the community, government and political parties such as the Economic Freedom Fighters as well as the ANC in the Free State.

Mitchell says they’re leaving everything to the law enforcement officials.

“At this moment the police are handling the situation. As mentioned, there is the police case opened against the parties involved.”

Free State Premier Sisi Ntombela has condemned the alleged racism incident on Christmas day at the Maselspoort Resort and Conference Centre, about 20- kilometres outside Bloemfontein.

Free State Police are also investigating an alleged assault of two teenage boys by a group of white males at the resort. A video showing the altercation is doing the rounds on social media with Ntombela calling the incident disgusting – in a statement released through her spokesperson Palesa Chubisi.

Premier Sisi Ntombela has noted with disgust, the video circulating on social media of white men seen attacking children at the Maselspoort resort on Christmas Day. Premier Ntombela has, therefore, instructed the MEC responsible for the Department of Economic, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, to deal with this matter with all the urgency it deserves and also engage law enforcement agencies.”

A Bloemfontein family in the Free State says they are still shocked by the alleged racial attack on their children that they experienced at the resort.

According to one of the children’s father, the teens were prevented from swimming in the resort’s pool by some adults, who told them they were not residents there. However, Nakeng insists they explained that they were also residents who had the right to use the facilities.

“We went there with my sister to check on the kids and indeed when we arrived there, we engaged those white folks and they said ‘no, there was a miscommunication with the kids’. They didn’t understand, they thought that they were not residents at Maselspoort because the swimming pool can only be accessed by residents and the kids told them we are residents here. I also told them we are residents here and we have paid just as they have paid.”