‘They call our country the rainbow nation but colour divides us all’

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With the upcoming general elections just a few weeks away, many Johannesburg residents have lashed out at the current administration, claiming that they have failed to deliver on their promises to improve the daily lives of residents.

SABC News traversed the City to get the views of residents living in both the posh suburbs, as well as townships and informal settlements.

Majority of the residents we spoke to say they believe that South Africa remains an extremely unequal society and that government needs to do more to address it.

“They call our country the rainbow nation but colour still divides us all. There is so much of hate, inequalities and so much of disadvantages being different colours in this country and the government also uses that against us to manipulate different race groups for their advantage and I feel that is very wrong.”

“I really don’t enjoy the fruit of freedom and I don’t see the democracy happening and you know if I look where we are staying, it is still shacks for the past 30 years where we live and our leaders keep on promising and nothing changes.”