There will be no land grabs in South Africa: Ramaphosa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has explained to a business forum in the United States that there will be no land grabs in South Africa.

Ramaphosa says the current democratic government encourages inclusion, allowing all South Africans to participate in resolving socio-economic issues, unlike the apartheid government which was rooted on exclusion.

He was addressing delegates at the Opening Plenary of the Second Annual Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York, moderated by former US President Bill Clinton.

“We are not going to have land grabs, that is not going to be allowed.  We are going to make sure that as we embark on land reform it becomes all inclusive, leads to nation building, social cohesion, economic development which will benefit all the people of SA.  The construct of apartheid was exclusion. Construct of a new democratic government is inclusion.”

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