There was a culture of fear at Prasa, former head of legal testifies

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The State Capture Commission of Inquiry has heard about a culture of fear at Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) during its former Chief Executive Officer, Lucky Montana’s tenure.

The Prasa’s Head of Legal, Martha Ngoye detailed the events leading up to her dismissal.

The Commission, which is investigating allegations of state capture and corruption, continues to hear Prasa related testimony, on Monday.

Ngoye told the commission the culture at Prasa was such that, you do not challenge then CEO Lucky Montana.

She knew her department was in trouble when they received an email from Montana suggesting there was an agenda against him. In the email, Montana vowed he would act against those who were part of what he termed a dirty campaign.

The email was a response to Ngoye and Fani Dingiswayo’s legal opinion on a contract between Prasa and Prodigy.

A company linked to businessman, Roy Moodley, who is believed to have strong ties with former President Jacob Zuma.

Ngoye testified that Montana fired her without giving her a reason shortly after her colleague Fani Dingiswayo was fired.

In the video below, Martha Ngoye testifies at the State Capture Commission of Inquiry: 

The two found themselves in the firing line because they advised Montana that the Prodigy contract was irregular.

However, Montana responded by saying there was nothing wrong with the contract.

Maladministration at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa continues even after Lucky Montana’s departure.