Clearance Maseko from Kwamhlanga in Mpumalanga feels that government has made a difference for the better in the past 25 years.

“There is a vast difference between then and now. For instance, we were born and raised under no electricity and electricity came just after democracy.  That alone made a huge difference. We used to study and pass using candles. So now I can say life under democracy is much better.”

Maseko says the fact that people in his area no longer have to carry buckets to streams and rivers means that there is a huge difference.

“When we arrived in this place for the very first time, we had to ferry water, for far distances, a kilometre or two away. Today I can report to you that every street has got reticulation, every house has got tap water. Whether there’s water on any specific day is another story. The fact that people don’t have to carry buckets to streams and rivers means there is a huge difference.  We started seeing a tar road for the first time after democracy here. The only tar road we used to see here was the R573, it’s a national road.  But all the internal streets were built by the government. This government has benefitted the people of South Africa.”

Maseko says he wants to see the country prosper.

“My vision for South Africa is the same to every South African, that SA must prosper economically so that as many people as possible may benefit from the mainstream economy that at least in every household there can be at least be one breadwinner. Everybody has got shelter over their head, everyone has access to clean drinking water, decent sanitation, access to transport and roads infrastructure.”

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