There is a need to conduct searches at Gauteng schools: Mazibuko

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Gauteng Community Safety MEC Faith Mazibuko says there is a need to continuously conduct searches at schools as part of ensuring the safety of learners.

She says this has been one of the pleas from parents and educators during a School Safety Indaba held in Sebokeng on the Vaal.

During some school searches, police seized drugs and knives.

The meeting also follows incidents of bullying, gangsterism, break-ins as well as incidents of violence against learners and educators at Gauteng schools.

Mazibuko says there’s a lot of ill-discipline at schools adding that parents also need to play their part.

She says, “Principals and teachers keep on lamenting about parenting because if parents play their role these young learners would not come to school and start behaving in an otherwise manner.”

“Because parents would have been the ones that are stricter and emphasising that once you are in the outside world continue behaving properly as a young person,  unlike when you are no longer under my watch, then you continue doing all the wrong things,” Mazibuko adds.

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