There are challenges but ANC is ready to resolve them: Mabuza

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ANC Deputy President David Mabuza says while they don’t dispute the fact that there are challenges of service delivery and infighting within the party, the ANC is ready to resolve them.  

Mabuza says he is confident of victory in the Free State in the upcoming local government elections.  

A protest by Mangaung civic movements intended to attract the attention of the deputy president was quelled.  

Some streets were barricaded by stones and burning tyres.  

Civic movements in Mangaung raised concerns that proper procedures were not followed, and that other members recruited have criminal records.  

In Masilonyana municipality, angry members of community prevented the unveiling of the name change of Brandfort to Winnie Mandela.  

Residents demanded that the money should be diverted to service delivery.  

In Bloemfontein, members of community raised concerns of poor service delivery…

“Our challenges are title deeds. We need title deeds in our hands. Even up to no now, we still don’t have title deeds. Mme Mantombela must assist us, Our roads don’t have names and are full of potholes,” says one community member.  

“The problems we are facing is the clinics … in the clinics, staff members don’t have name tags. The community cannot identify them, whether they have a problem or they want to complement someone who helped them in a good way. And we don’t have the standby ambulances. So, that’s an issue for us,” says another community member.

However,  Mabuza believes they are on track in addressing challenges expressed by the community.

“Ordinary people want to go and vote for the ANC. We are not disputing the fact that there are challenges; some are because of service delivery; some are internal in the ANC. But, we are ready to resolve those problems. That is why I’m goinmg to meet them now. We are confident we are going to win.”

Mabuza says there should not be tensions within the ANC over the recent provincial cabinet reshuffle. The fired MEC for Police, Roads and Transport, Sam Mashinini has accused Premier Sisi Ntombela of axing him for raising issues.

“In the ANC, we are deployed and we are redeployed. There should be no tension. To be in the public office, you serve the people; you don’t serve yourself. Anytime they can redeploy you elsewhere. Even that MEC can be redeployed elsewhere. There’s no need for people to be angry about positions of the ANC. We are all serving the people; we not serving ourselves.”

The deputy president met with various Mangaung civic organisations.  

Chairperson of Mangaung Service Delivery Forum, Potso Motoko, says, “We raised our concerns with regard to service delivery, unemployment rate in the Mangaung and the Free State; lack of refuse removal; the bucket systems specifically; employment for our young people; and the premier and the MEC of Cogta Mr Dukwana, they are going to take the responsibility to ensure that these resolutions are implemented.”

Mabuza says he’s confident that the party will triumph in the Free State on the 1st of November despite all the challenges.

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