The SABC’s Commission into editorial interference may face legal action

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The SABC’s Commission into editorial interference is currently underway at Milpark Hotel in Johannesburg. The commission kicked off this week with the ANC among the first organisations to make its submission on Monday.

The editorial commission, together with second commission on sexual harassment, were established by the SABC as part of its efforts at renewal and reconstruction.

NGO Media Monitoring Africa has however raised concerns that the proceedings are not open to the public.

Director William Bird says, “I think it potentially can be a moment in our history where we can make a potentially clear shift from a broadcaster that was captured to a public broadcaster, there are a lot of very positive shifts. The fact that the inquiry into editorial independence is being held behind closed doors is fundamentally deeply at odds with the principles of a public broadcaster and it is something that we are currently looking into possible legal action to prevent that from continuing in that manner.”

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