The Forum 4 Service Delivery says it intends to win an outright majority in several municipalities in the North West. When speaking during the party’s election manifesto launch in Lichtenburg in the North West, party president Mbahare Kekana said his party will be contesting in 52 wards across seven provinces, excluding the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape.

The Forum 4 Service Delivery was founded in the North West in 2015 and contested the 2016 local government elections. The party managed to obtain 33 seats making it the fourth-biggest party in the North West.

Kekana says, his party is more than ready to dominate several municipalities in its stronghold.

“Since the inception of local government in 1996, in the North West there has never been any political party that has taken over the municipality. Come the 1st of November, we want to be the first political organisation in the North West, to own the municipality so that we can show what kind of government our people must live under. Our first target will be Ratlou municipality, our second target is Ramotshere Moiloa.”

The party’s manifesto outlined key priority areas, including job creation, service delivery, and combating corruption.

“When we take over as F4SD we will make sure that there are no water tanks, because 120 million is spent on water tanks. We will make sure that one house, one tap under F4SD, and not just a tap, but a tap with running water. On the issue of housing, we won’t build people houses, but we will give them housing vouchers so that they can build the houses of their choices. We gonna give them a voucher of 200 thousand.”

Some community members seem to have confidence in the party.

“I believe in F4SD because as you hear their name, that it is emphasising on provision of services which is at this stage is what we are running short of across the country. Mafikeng is worse if you look at the conditions of roads nothing actually in Mafikeng is indicating you that it is a capital town…I see F4SD as an organisation that will be able to govern with integrity, respect for the community.”

The party also welcomed new members, including the sitting speaker of the Zeerust-based Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality, Alfred Nyamane, who was deployed by the ruling party. Nyamane explains why he decided to join F4SD.

“I realised that within F4SD their mission is 80% to deal with service delivery matters and 20% it’s for politics. So I resolved to go to F4SD the aim is services to the people of Ramotshere Moiloa, hence you know that I love and believe in serving our people.”

Meanwhile, the party has appealed to all independent candidates contesting elections to work with them, so that they could make bigger strides come to Election Day.

VIDEO: LGE 2021 – Forum for Service Delivery elections manifesto launch – live proceedings