EFF leader Julius Malema has chastised people who ask for assistance from the party but fail to choose it on the ballot paper. Malema made the remark while addressing the community of Mofulatshepe in Smithfield, in the Free State.

The EFF leader arrived at Mofulatshepe stadium to an arousing welcome from the young and old.

The EFF contested by-elections in the Free State during the November polls, but did not win.

Malema says the party will continue with its work for the remaining months before the upcoming 2021 local elections.

“Mofulatshepe belongs to the EFF. We did not lose this ward; we are going to take it is 2021. The ANC won by 47%; how do you win elections by that percent? You must win elections by 50% or more.”

Residents say they are concerned about poor services.

“We are not working. Currently, NSFAS is granted for those whose parents are working already, but us the poor we are not given NSFAS. There’s also a bridge here and our councillor is not living here. Even when we want her at night, she’s not around,” says one resident.

“We have a shortage of land and there’s poor services in our township,” says another resident.

The EFF leader says Mandela’s ANC no longer exists.

“You must stop saying you are voting for Mandela’s ANC because that ANC no longer exist. The ANC is in the red beret, it is in Julius Malema. Stop voting for thieves who abuse your children to give them jobs.”

Malema reiterated that EFF will not tolerate racism.

“Police who shot at the EFF members in Brackenfell in Cape Town used unnecessary force at close range against our members. We will continue to fight racists wherever it emerges in the country. Racism is violent and must be responded with violence. Racist will be pushed out of the country until they have no more to run to.”

Malema says his party will restore the dignity of the Black people.

FF leader Julius Malema addresses Mohokare municipality: