Thandi Modise dismisses reports that she left ANC for MK Party

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African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee member Thandi Modise has refuted claims that she has left the ANC and joined the MK Party of former President Jacob Zuma.

In today’s article by Opera News Hub, it is reported that Modise who is also the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans left her position in cabinet and resigned from the ANC to join the newly-formed MK party.

Modise was also a former MK combatant.

She has described the claims as nonsensical and only meant to sow divisions in the ANC.

“ I reject all these nonsensical lies that I have left the African National Congress (ANC) for any party. I will stay in the ANC and I intend to die as a member of the ANC, no matter what happens to the ANC. So, I would like people to know that those lies out there could not have come from me. I want to say to the loyal members of the ANC, continue doing the good work of making sure that we continue to improve the living conditions of our people, and that our comrades who have left and have died in the hands of the apartheid system did not die in vain. That is why no matter what happens to the ANC, I will stay a member of the ANC.”