Advocate Anton Katz, representing the French Arms company Thales, is challenging the legality of the decision by former National Director of Public Prosecution Shaun Abraham to re-instate fraud, racketeering and money laundering charges against the company.

Katz has been arguing in the Pietermaritzburg High Court during the hearing of the application for permanent stay of prosecution against Thales and Zuma.

Advocate Katz told the court that the court’s decision which set aside a decision by former NPA head Mokotedi Mpshe to drop charges against the former President was in respect of Zuma and not Thales.

Katz also challenges the legality of former NPA head Shaun Abraham’s decision to reject Thales’s representations, saying Abraham was hell bent to prosecute Thales and had already made up him mind that he was not going to consider their representations.

Both Zuma and Thales want charges against them quashed arguing among other things the delays in the prosecution process. While Zuma is citing political meddling in prosecuting him, which he says was done by both the NPA and the then Scorpions.

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