Thabane apologises for instability experienced in Lesotho

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Lesotho’s Prime Minister Tom Thabane has apologised to King Letsie the third for the instability the country has been experiencing due to internal politics in the ruling party, the ABC. He was delivering a speech in Maseru.

Thabane, who is expected to retire soon, conceded that divisions have affected service delivery in the tiny country.

The date for Thabane’s retirement is yet to be determined. The ruling party and opposition are in talks to decide when the appropriate time will be.

Thabane was coerced to leave his position after he and his wife, Maeisiah, were linked to the murder of his late estranged wife. A delegation from South Africa helped to facilitate the talks between Thabane and the coalition government.

The warily looking Thabane succumbed to pressure to reunite his party or face a split which might see him forced out of office earlier than expected.

He accepted his nemesis Nqosa Mohao as his new deputy. The newly elected NEC will now have the mandate to provide details leading to him ultimately retiring.

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