Job retention and the importance of supporting the local clothing industry are some of the issues being discussed at the South African and Clothing Textile Workers Union’s (SACTWU) Congress currently underway in Cape Town.

During his recent State-of-the-Nation-Address, President Cyril Ramaphosa highlighted the importance of supporting the textile industry by buying locally produced garments.

The clothing and textile industry is one of many in the country that suffered major job and revenue losses due to cheap imports.

More the 230 members of the union are attending the Congress.

The Congress will also see a new leadership being elected to lead the union for the next three years.

SACTWU welcomed Ramaphosa’s call to buy local products.

SACTWU highlighted that misconceptions about the quality and price of locally made clothes and textiles should come to an end.

Union General Secretary, Andrè Kriel, said the country produces garments of a global standard that anyone can buy with pride.