Terreblanche believes SA’s struggle stalwarts fought in vain

Abram Terreblanche
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Eighty two-year-old Abram Terreblanche says the sacrifices made by South African struggle stalwarts has been in vain. Terreblanche says corruption in government has collapsed what was fought for by freedom fighters during apartheid. He believes the only way South Africa can improve is by rooting out corruption.

Terreblanche says he never expected things to be like this in the democracy era.

“We thought that we would be living a better life in democracy but I haven’t seen any improvement, instead the situation is getting worse by the day.  For example, look where I stay… It’s dirty and nothing is being done. There’s no change here. At least during apartheid times it was better. Now it’s bad. There’s high crime rate and nothing is being done,” says Terreblanche.

Terreblanche says he sees no government in the country as there is unending fighting in government and believes that they loot the state’s money.

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