Tensions over removal of ANC councillors in Metsimaholo

Lindiwe Shongwe
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The removal of the two African National Congress (ANC) members in the mayoral committee has caused unhappiness in the multi-party coalition in the Metsimaholo council in Sasolburg. They were apparently removed without prior notice by mayor Lindiwe Shongwe, who is an South African Communist Party (SACP) member.

The two were replaced by Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) councillors, even though the red beret brigade is not part of the coalition. Concerned coalition partners, such the Metsimaholo Community Association, African Independent Congress and the Forum for Service Delivery, say they will convene a special meeting to resolve the stalemate.

However, SACP spokesperson, Phillip Kganyago , says the removal of the two ANC councillors was necessitated by a damning forensic report on corruption which the mayor presented before the council.

“Only after that report came out to council, there was a mysterious submissions of a motion of no confidence against the mayor. And the reasons they are putting in the motion is actually the reasons against themselves, because they are uncontrollable, they are not submitting their reports to council as members of mayoral committee. “