An investigative report by the Independent Media Group claims the so-called ‘decuplets’, known as the ‘Tembisa 10’, were indeed born – but were trafficked out of the country. In June this year claims emerged of a record-breaking 10 babies having been born however the claims were dismissed as fake news.

Investigations by the Independent Media Group now claim to reveal that the mother of the decuplets was indeed pregnant and underwent a Caesarean section.

Independent Media Executive Chairperson Dr Iqbal Surve’, “There is an independent private obstetrician who examined the mother after release and showed that she was clearly recently pregnant and had a recent C-section. We have got numerous pieces of evidence, all of which are in the media release. Independent Media is releasing a video series over the next five weeks and a video will actually name the doctors, nurses, hospitals, where we show the clinical records, what has happened, we take the viewer through the journey of what happened to the babies, the whole trafficking syndicate, etc.”

Dr Iqbal Survé on the media groups investigation: