Telkom says it will be slashing its uncapped data prices, however, it didn’t clearly indicate the reduction percentage.

The company says the move will assist Telkom customers who have to work from home due to the COVID-19 lockdown.


MTN and Vodacom decrease data prices:

At the beginning of last month, Vodacom reduced its prepaid mobile data prices by up to 40 % in line with its agreement with the Competition Commission.

However, consumers say further reductions are needed.

” I feel that this data in terms of Vodacom even though they have decreased it is still not enough, we have students from places like informal settlements who need this data to do their school work during this lockdown. They must reduce data so that they can afford for them to study,” says one consumer.

“From 1 April, we’ll introduce a range of initiatives that will result in R2.7 billion in additional savings for customers. This forms part of a broader programme to create a Social Contract, which will address pressing societal challenges in our markets,” Vodacom said in a statement.

In March, MTN announced that it will follow Vodacom to reduce the costs of monthly data bundles of 1GB by up to 50%.


In this video, Hloni Theko of Pre-tuned Technologies discussed the high cost of data:

SA Data prices highest among BRICS  

Major mobile operators Vodacom and MTN have two months to reduce their data prices by up to 50% or face prosecution.