Tegeta mine coal had higher sulphur emissions: Mashigo

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Acting Eskom Senior General Manager Dan Mashigo has told the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture that the Tegeta Brakfontein mine coal had higher sulphur emissions, which means the quality of the coal was low. Mashigo told the commission at Parktown in Joburg, that this also means the coal was producing less power. The Gupta linked Tegeta Brakfontein coal mine was found to be supplying substandard coal in 2017.

Mashego says a power station has to be within certain boundaries in regards to emissions – which the Brakfontein coal did not meet.

“Brakfontein in particular has a higher sulphur content because once you combust the coal in a power station and the fumes that goes up the chimneys, if you have high sulphur in your coal once you combust you need air to support combustion, you get formation of sulphur-oxide which are greenhouses gasses, so the higher the sulphur content you are going to have higher sulphur-oxide and we are regulated.” Click below for more on the story: