The Department of Basic Education has warned that teachers who refuse to teach comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) face being disciplined.

This after Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, indicated this in a written response to a parliamentary question posed by the Democratic Alliance(DA).

The Department has been criticised for announcing that it would pilot the CSE programme next year and roll it out in 2021.

Its aim is to curb the high levels of pregnancy among teenagers, educate them on STIs and sex abuse.

Some teachers’ unions, religious groups and opposition parties are against the programme, saying parts of it are inappropriate for young minds.

Department Spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga, has called on those sceptical of the curriculum to view it on their website.

“The question is, what is going to happen to the teacher who refuses to do their work? If you refuse to do your work then certainly there will be charges against you and you cannot choose when to work and what to do and not to do.”

“Teachers have the curriculum, which is set, and you need to teach that. Our teachers are going through training and they are comfortable with what is there. If you are to go onto our website the material is there, which is in our books, you will feel different on the quality of the material – and that is what you are encouraged to do.”