Another KwaZulu-Natal high school teacher has been implicated in a sex scandal allegedly with a learner at a school at KwaNongoma north of the province. A video, which has gone viral, shows the teacher in question and the learner in one of the teacher’s cottages in a compromising position.

The second part of the video then shows both the teacher and the learner in bed. A whistle-blower, who has asked to remain anonymous, says this has been going on since 2017 and no action has been taken against the teacher. He says when he tried to report the matter he was threatened.

“I told the SGB and the principal about the video. I even showed them, but they said we should not talk about it. They said they didn’t want this matter to be known because it was an embarrassment to the school. They said they were also worried that the teacher would lose his job. They started intimidating me until I was forced to delete it. There are so many threats that I have received related to death and they said I would die young.”

Meanwhile, KwaZulu-Natal Education MEC, Mthandeni Dlungwana, says the teacher has been suspended.

“Well I can confirm that I was only made aware of the video last night. We are aware, we are very disturbed. We have also taken a decision since last night that we cannot continue having a teacher in our school so we suspended the teacher with immediate effect this morning. We are also taking other decisions in relation with other teachers involved in such activities.”