Taxify, Uber drivers march against exploitation

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Drivers of taxi services Uber and Taxify have started arriving at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg ahead of their march to the offices of the operating companies they accuse of exploiting them.

This is part of Tuesday’s shut down by the drivers who are demanding better working conditions and a fare increase.

They went offline from midnight as part of their protest and have been patrolling the streets trying to ensure that none of their colleagues are working.

Uber and Taxify drivers that have already arrived at Zoo Lake are sitting in their vehicles to keep warm on this cold and windy Tuesday morning.

They say the 25% share obtained by the app taxi companies is too much and must be reduced.

They’re also demanding a fare increase, saying they haven’t had one in four years and are battling to sustain themselves with the ever rising cost of fuel among other things.

The drivers also want Uber and Taxify to stop training and taking more drivers, saying there are too many cars on the road.