Taxi drivers killed, eleven injured in ECape shootouts

Taxi rank
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Two taxi drivers have been killed and eleven injured in a shootout between rival taxi associations in Maclear, Eastern Cape.

Heavily armed security guards employed by taxi bosses are reportedly surrounding Maclear Hospital. Public Services Association shop steward at the hospital, Thembekile Mgedezi, says tensions are high as hospital staff and patients fear for their safety.

Mgedezi reported that the hospital is currently treating several injured taxi drivers. “There are a lot of taxi drivers here that were shot yesterday, even today there was a shooting. They are wounded and two of them died on arrival. Now they are carrying big guns and workers are afraid of them, they are unable to do their job…”

“There is no police visibility here, only the two police that came to take statements from the 11 guys that were shot and they left the hospital. So no police here, only the security guards that are unarmed from Tyeks,” said Mgedezi.

Meanwhile, gunshots have also been fired in the Mthatha CBD. Taxi drivers are present throughout the town, causing fear among shoppers.