Almost fifty thousand black-owned tavern and shebeen owners are demanding a once-off payment of R20 000 compensation for loss of income due to the two separate bans on the sale of alcohol.

This is contained in a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa following his decision, on Sunday, to ban the sale of alcohol for a second time.

In the video below, National Liquor Traders Council convener Lucky Ntimane shares more:

Alcohol ban not the answer: National Liquor Traders Council

The National Liquor Traders Council (NLTC) says the suspension of the sale of the alcohol under lockdown Level 3 is “not the answer.”

NLTC, which represents over 50 000 business owners, argues that the suspension of the sale of alcohol cannot be the answer. “+200 000 dependents and up to 1 million people that are part of the liquor industry value chain will be at economic risk should the ban on alcohol be introduced,” reads in part the statement by the NLTC.

The council says 10 000 taverns have already closed permanently and another 12 500 taverns are barely getting by, which represent 25% of taverns that are in distress and cannot survive another week of non-trading.