Task team to fast track assistance to military veterans: Mabuza

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Deputy President David Mabuza says the military veterans’ verification committee will return to the North West next week to fast-track assistance to military veterans with outstanding payments.

The Deputy President, in his capacity as the Chairperson of the Presidential Task Team on Military Veterans, revisited the North West province for consultations with the provincial government and military veterans associations in Potchefstroom, following his first engagement with military veterans in Mahikeng in May.

Currently, the North West military veterans database statistics have 4 111 statutory and non-statutory forces, who are still alive, on record.

The veterans shared their frustrations during the meeting.

“I went to archives last week and my file is nowhere to be found. I need to get my money from 10 years back. I have five children and I have nothing, I live in my child’s house but I am an ex-political prisoner.”

Another veteran says, “When a veteran is registered in the database and has been verified as a veteran they must automatically have access to health services.”

Former political prisoners who also shared their frustrations say their wounds from the struggle are yet to heal.

“I was tortured by the police since I joined the struggle in 1976 and I was arrested in 86 and released in 87. When I was released, my husband divorced me. Now I have no house. I am still suffering from injuries. I have papers from doctors showing the extent of my injuries. Please help me,” says ex-political prisoner Amelia Molebatsi.

Chairperson of the Presidential Task Team on Military Veterans David Mabuza’s engagement with the North West government and military veterans:

Mabuza says the task team is working closely with the provincial government to fast-track assistance to military veterans.

“The last when we came here  I told you that we have finally as the task team approved your pension policy and we have agreed on an amount that has to be paid and it is going to be paid on a monthly basis. The people that have not been paid in the verification committee are going to be paid. We are going to do it right after this. I have spoken to the DG, they must be paid.”

The verification committee is expected to return to the province next week.