The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Mbali Ntuli has outlined internal issues facing the party, saying the DA needs leadership that will help build a better organisational culture.

Ntuli, who is vying for the position of party leader against interim leader John Steenhuisen, has written a letter to DA delegates, saying she has noticed that those voicing opposing views in the party could face disciplinary processes.

She says she believes that people being targetted within the party needs to stop.

“I think what has happened is that for a long time, we’ve had a culture of people being able to target their political opponents in the party using the disciplinary processes. It ends up having people feeling like they are being charged, purged, and can’t have different views without wondering whether or not they are going to be facing disciplinary issues. That is bad for any organisation and organisational culture. If we want to stop it, we need a leader who will put an end to it. I am saying that we need independent jurors and leaders who are brave enough to be able to confront issues rather than resort to charging people and humiliate them and get them out of the party.”

Below is the full interview on SAFM’s Sunrise programme: