The death toll in the aftermath of the explosion of a fuel tanker in eastern Tanzania has continued to rise.

Authorities have now put the death toll at 69 with 72 others injured.

The explosion happened after the fuel tanker overturned in the town of Morogoro on Saturday.

The driver of the tanker reportedly lost control while he was trying to avoid a motorcycle operator.

People had rushed to the area after the incident to siphon the leaking fuel before the explosion. They were among the victims of the tragedy.

Last month, 45 people were killed and more than 100 injured in central Nigeria when a petrol tanker crashed and then exploded as people tried to take the fuel.

In May, a similar incident occurred in Niger just a short distance from the airport in the capital Niamey, leaving almost 80 people dead.

Among the deadliest such disasters, 292 people lost their lives in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in July 2010, and in September 2015 at least 203 people died the South Sudan town of Maridi.

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